Bye by love Everly Brothers 


G C D  D C G      G C D  D C G


C       G   C     G 

Bye bye love By bye happiness 

C     G                 D     G 

Hello loneliness I think i'm-a gonna cry-y

C       G   C     G

Bye bye love By bye sweet caress 

C     G                 D     G

Hello emptiness I feel like i could die-e 

G      D 

Bye bye my love goodby-eye


G           D                 G

There gose my baby with someone new

               D                G    G7    

She sure looks happy, i sure am blue 

           C                    D

She was my baby till he stepped in 


Goodbye to romance that might have been




G                 D                       G 

I'm through with romance I'm through with love 

                  D                 G   G7               

I'm through with countin' the stars above.

             C                  D

And here the reason that i'm so free


My lovin' baby is a through with me